Web Developer, WordPress Enthusiast, Beautiful Design Lover / Admirer. Sometimes play video games and also enjoy watching sports.

Hello, friends. My name is Hybopress and I’m a web designer and developer. I run a WordPress theme shop called Hybopress Themes and create some pretty neat stuff, including the theme you’re looking at!

Hybopress Fold been hand crafted with the finest pixels from the ground up with separation of content in mind. To hell with themes that can’t make your different regions standout from each other (header, footer, content & sidebar) and make users annoyed! Hybopress Fold has been designed and coded to give your each region equal amount of priority without degrading other regions.

Hybopress Fold is my attempt to get back to the basics. The basics of design, the basics of code, the basics of writing. It’s time to start making concise web products that better solve aesthetic and communicative dilemma.